Cleaning Sevrices Residental

 TLC Get Clean Now Service
TLC Standard Service List
• Vac Mop Floors 
Wipe Outside of Cabinets
Wipe Down All Appliances  
Disinfect Sink & Counter 
Empty Trash Cans  
Clean inside Microwave
• Swiffer Dust Furniture 
Wipe Light Switches
• Vac Mop Floors 
Wipe Closets Doors
Clean Mirrors
• Swiffer Dust Furniture
Empty Trash Cans
Clean Mirrors, Vanities 
• Mop Vac Floors
Swiffer Dust Furniture
Disinfect Sink, Tubs
• Wipe Outside Cabinets 
• Disinfect Shower, Toilets  
Empty Trash Cans
Living Areas/Dining Room
• Vac Mop Floors 
Wipe Closets Doors
• Swiffer Dust Furniture
Clean Mirrors
Empty Trash Cans
Our Get Clean Now Service Is The Ideal Way To Get Your Home Clean And  Happy Again
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 To Remove Heavy  Build Ups Of Soils  Like Stuck On Dust, Hair, Grease, Mold, Mildew, Soap Scum
You Need To See Our Deep Cleaning List      Click Here 

Get Your Cleaning Price Here - Our Get Clean Service Will Get Your Clean Again Your Bathrooms and Kitchen Will Be Clean,  Knock Out Nasty Germs Which is Important To The  Health Of Your Home

Our Get Clean Now Service Is  Designed For Getting Your Home Clean By Removing
Normal Day To Day Soils   
To Help Keep Your Home Clean

Deep Cleaning Is Designed To Remove Heavy Soils That Build Up Over Time. Deep  Cleaning
 Will Get Your Home Clean Again.

Ask Us About Our Maintenance Plan To Keep Your Home Clean.  

We Offer Weekly, Bi-Weekly And Monthly Services To Keep Your Home Healthy And  Happy
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Welcome To A Better Way Of Cleaning Our Get Clean Service 
Is A Smart Choice to Get Your Home Clean
We Can Remove Germs From High Touch Areas In Your Home or Office. Don't Fear Just Stay Clean to Stay Safe Start Now
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